DIY Acrylic Nails

Which girl does not want big pretty beautifully filed nails all the times. Big nails makes hands look more feminine and elegant. We all know no dress up is complete without beautifully done nails. For this we go to salon for manicure once or twice a month. We pretty much manage somehow to get big nails naturally but for girls who have habbit of munching nails, its one of the life struggles!! Even when we manage to grow nails naturally we get our nail broken or cut by the knife working during kitchen which literally makes out heart broken into pieces because now we have to wait for another 1 or 2 months to get the nail grow. And due to one nail bigger the other one smaller we end up cutting all our nails. And yea it becomes all the more, more  challenging when we have any important event round the corner. We have an option of getting acrylic nails done from the salon but that can cost 2000rs to 4000rs What!! But not to worry girls I am going to share DIY hacks to get artificial nails at home and save yours bucks for more shopping.. so lets get into it!!

images (33)


Step 1 Get artificial nails and good quality nail glue from any store. You can get them from


Fake Nails


Nail Glue

Step 2 Cut short you natural nails and file them all around so that you don’t have any rough edges. Also make sure to file the upper part of the nails.. Yes!! File the upper part of nails also so that the artificial nails get some surface to stick onto.

images (34)

Step 3 Measure the artificial nails with you natural nails shape and size along the edge so that when you stick them they look all the natural. If needed you can cut them short or file them.

DIY Acrylics (1)

Step 4 Now we get into the most interesting part that is sticking the artificial nails onto your nails with good quality nail glue so that nails don’t fall off afterwards. Now finally paint off the nails with you favourite colour. You can also get some nail stickers to make the manicure look more expensive and attractive!!

images (13)

Finished Look!!

images (20)downloadimages (14)images (24)images (32)images (15)images (18)


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