Review of Lotus Active Anti Ageing Exfoliator


I am recently facing lot of issues with my skin, so I thought to give a try to Lotus Anti ageing Scrub. My skin has become dull with uneven skin tone. This scrub promises a good exfoliation to remove dead cells, protects as well as nourishes skin from within.


Well I am trying out this product since 1 month 2 times a week. I did notice a difference in my skin. My skin feels soft and supple after using it. Earlier I tried other scrubs which left my skin burning and dry as I have dry skin but this left my skin moisturized which I really like. Guys 1 sec did you notice the packaging, I absolutely loved gold with purple combination.!! It retails for 295rs and says it is preservative free.



Please excuse my dirty tube because I have been using it!! :p

It smells amazing I completely loved it, it has vanillaish creamy minty kind of fragrance. Exfoliating particles are slightly bigger than the traditional scrubs however that doesn’t feel harsh on skin which i also like, you can actually feel that the scrub is working on your skin plus it has very light creamy texture which prevents drying out your skin. This product says it reduces fine lines and wrinkles, well I am in my early twenties so i really don’t see much difference but it is said that we should start using anti ageing products by this time so yeah I felt like using it.

It is a good product worth giving a try!!


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