What’s up with Liquid lipsticks??

Hey girls its quite a while now since I last blogged.. How you all have you been.. I hope you all are doing well. I saw everyone raving about the liquid lipsticks recently so much, so i also went ahead and bought some of the liquid lipsticks. Ever since I tried them I am addicted to these. Like me you all are also having some obvious questions in mind like..


What are these liquid lipsticks?
Well, by packaging they look like a gloss but when you apply them they dry matte. By matte means they must be making lips dry and that is true. Let me tell you all an easy hack to avoid chapped dry lips. While you brush in the night rub the brush on lips also for a while and after that apply your favourite lip balm. Currently I am using Maybelline lipbalm.
What is the difference between regular lipsticks and liquid lipsticks?
Regular lipsticks are not that matte as liquid lipsticks are. When you apply liquid lipsticks they appear glossy but when they get dry they become matte. Liquid lipsticks are really long lasting I mean you don’t need to touch’ups every now and then.
I suggest every girl need to try the lipsticks for sure.



When the liquid lipstick is just applied


When the lipstick is dried up!!

So do join the liquid lipstick fever and tag me #itswhatifeel



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