Glamcom Liquid Lipsticks Review

Hello girls !! How you all doing.. ?? I hope you all are doing well.. πŸ™‚

Today I came up with a mini Glamcom Liquid lipstick review. I bought 2 lipsticks in the first week of October and since then I have been using them. These retails for about Rs 325. These lipsticks come in a simple glass packaging with one end it has the lip colour and the second end it has the gloss. For some people the liquid lipsticks can make lips dry so for that you have an option of gloss with it but it will give your lips glossy finish. I personally didn’t like the gloss it is too sticky for me, so I don’t use the gloss part and my lips are not that dry. If you guys want to know how to avoid dry or chapped lips and make you lips soft and not drying while you have on dry or matte lipsticks then comment down below or like this blog or follow this blog.

These lipsticks gives matte finish and I are not very drying on lips. I have been wearing these lipsticks on a daily basis at work or when I go out and I found out that these lipsticks are not very long lasting. These tend to wear out in 3 to 4 hours or while eating. So you need touch ups throughout the day. Well, price wise these lipsticks retails for Rs 325 and are easily available in the market. According to their price they do justice.

I have shade 104 and 110 with me. These are Mauve shades that I am totally obsessed with. Shade no. 104 is a dupe for Colorbar Haute Latte shade that retails for  Rs 900.

The link for glamcom shades

104 (Dating Coral)





110  (Very Plum)





Colobar Haute Latte



These lip colours go with all Indian skins colours. Girls try out these Lippies and share with me the experience!!



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