Loreal X-tenso Range Review!!

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Hello guys!!.. Its time for another review..! This time I am reviewing Lo’real X-tenso range which I have been using since 1 year and a half on stretch. Yass guys I am not kidding. I have my hairs smoothened straight. I have Lo’real smoothening done on my hairs last year in July that is July 2015, so my hairdresser suggested me to use this product as it will make my hair smoothening lasts long and keep my hair smooth and shining. My hairs are quite long. They come till my thighs in case you guys are wondering.  I have dry and flaky scalp.

Well, I am really impressed by the X-tenso range of Lo’real. I have been using it since the longest time in my life on a stretch and I found out many good things about this range.

This line of Lo’real says it has Pro-Keratin plus In-cell technology that rebuilds the hair fiber while the botanical extracts and amino acids mildly cleanses the straightened or chemically treated hair. And I really feel that it does justice to what it says.



You can buy the shampoo at


Shampoo comes with a thick plastic packing. It retails for Rs 575. At first I shampoo my hairs with the shampoo. So, here is a little trick I am going to share with you. I take two squeeze of shampoo and mix it with water so that I use less concentrated product on my scalp and it prevents the wastage also!! ;). If we use shampoo directly onto the scalp it is little difficult to rinse off.



Please excuse the upsidedown image!

You can buy the conditioner at


Conditioner also comes in a thick plastic bowl shaped container. It retails for about Rs 675. Well, after shampoo I use the conditioner. I’ll tell how I use. I dry my hairs with towel and when you get rid of all the excess water, I put the conditioner over the hairs and avoid scalp. Try not to put a single drop on scalp as putting too much chemicals on scalp is not recommended. I keep it for 10 mins. If some day I feel little extra I soak my towel in warm water and squeeze to get rid of water and then I drape this Hot baby on my hairs to get a spa at home while I have my conditioner on. Then gently rise off the conditioner from the hairs. Make sure even a single atom of shampoo is off from your hairs !!



You can buy the serum at


Last not the least the Serum comes in glass container with a pump. Ahemm.. it’s not good for travelling purpose because the product leaks. It retails for about Rs 600. When my hairs are damp I put the serum on my hairs preventing the scalp. I let my hairs air dry!!

My hairs feel amazing after using these products. Shampoo, Conditioner and the Serum doesn’t have any specific fragrance. My hairs feel soft, smooth and silky after I wash my hairs. Its been 1 and half years since I got my hairs chemically treated, I feel that this range has kept my hair smoothning well preserved. Natural color of my hairs is black. After the treatment over the time some girls get discoloration of their hairs at the ends like brownish reddish kind of, I hope you know what I mean. These products prevented that on my hairs. I even observed that I didn’t get much of the split ends.

So girls try this product and hashtag me with #itsswhatifeel and share with me your experiences.





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