Review of Ayur Astringent with Aloe Vera

Hi! Guys.. how you all doing..I hope you all are doing good!! Welcome back to yet another review post.

Today I am reviewing Ayur’s Astringent. So, first I should inform you why we should astringents. Astringents are antiseptic that fights bacterias, fungus etc. Our face is prone to environment 24Γ—7 that results in skin problems like achne, itchy skin and various skin allergies which are at times caused due to germs. As we know prevention is better than cure, this is the reason I am recomending astrigent to you all. It also balances skin pH level.

Ayur astringent contains Aloe Vera, Camphor and Mint. 

It says it is antiseptic with cooling properties and checks over-secretion of sebum. Best suited for achne-prone and oily skin. Well, I have dry skin but it didn’t dried out my skin but those of you who have dry skin please check if it suits your skin first then continue using it.
Ingredients: Aqua, Isopropanol, Basil(Tulsi) Leaf Extract, Cucumber extract, Allantoin, Borax, Menthol, Thymol, Camphor, Sodium Bicarbonate, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Color, Fragrance.

Ayur is a herbal brand still it contains two types of parabens which is harmful for our skin in a long run, so I donot recommend this particular product but you can use anyother astringent apart from this one.

I use it once in a week so that all the germs are remove from my face after I do my cleanup, or if I have any achne going on my face I use it twice a week. 


Parnika Preet


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