Cancel Dark Circles with Biotique Bio Seaweed eye cream!! (Review)



Hello everyone!! How you all doing, I hope you all are doing good. Today I am going to review Bio seaweed eye cream by Biotique. Biotique is Indian herbal brand that manufactures many beauty products. It is cruelty free and chemical free brand. This eye cream is in the form of transparent gel with Patanjali aloe vera gel kind of consistency. It retails for 199Rs for 15g of product. It comes in plastic container with green cap and white bowl. It has mild minty kind of fragrance.




Punarnava Root 3.0%, Behda Fruit Pulp 3.5%, Badam oil 1.5%, Jaiphal oil 0.5%, Madhu 2.0%, Chinnai ghas plant 1.0%, Kheera Juice 1.0%, Ourified Water 0.5%

All the ingredients are natural but I don’t know if it’s possible to make transparent gel out of all of these babies.. well might be!!


As the name says it contains seaweed. Now what Seaweed does is that it retains moisture and creates an alkaline environment in the blood and lessens the quantities of fat and mucous cells. As the product says it is not a cosmetic product rather it is has therapeutic properties. It revitalizes eye area. I sometimes get puffy eyes that I hate so much, so this was my main reason for buying this product. I have been using this gel for quite a long time 2times a day morning and evening, you all must have seen it in my haul blog. It did significantly reduced puffiness around my eyes and it also reduced fine lines wrinkles and pigmentation. It is a good cream. I suggest everyone to use the eye cream no matter you have dark circles or puffy eyes because eye area is one of the areas where ageing starts, it is always good to delay it you know you know!!

Ratings: I rate this product  4 stars out 5

It is quite a decent night cream,I like this eye cream and I recommend this eye cream.



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