Review of Matrix Opti Care Shampoo and Conditioner !!♡!!

Hello everyone .. longtime no see! I recently got the smoothening and hair color done to my hair. So, started with new haircare routine. I choose product according to how my scalp and hair feeling at the moment. I had a very bad experience with one of the L’Oreal saloon in Greater Noida. Well, hairstylist suggested me to use Loreal x-tenso range but since, I used that range for quite a long time so just wanted to switch to different products. Loving these products at the moment.

Matrix Opti Care Smooth Staright Shampoo

I have not been using hair oil since a month as it is suggested after smoothning. Using Matrix Shampoo didn’t feel dryness on scalp at all. Didn’t notice any hairfall and breakage after and during the Shampoo. Felt this Shampooto be mild and refreshing. I suggest you all never use shampoo directly on the scalp , dilute it with some water and then pour it on scalp. I bet you will notice a difference on scalp and hair. Product says it is professional haircare line formulated to help control and smooth chemically straightened hair. Enriched with silk powder and shea butter it helps protect, condition and moisturize for healthy looking silky shiny hair. Well, I used Matrix Shampoo and conditioner before any chemical treatment, made my hairs manageble and moisturized.  I really recommend this Matrix Shampoo, does what it says.

Matrix Opti Care Conditioner

After getting smoothning and haircolour at the same time made my hairs really dry and brittle. This conditioner was my saviour. It really moisturized my hairs so nicely that I didn’t feel any need to get the hairspa. I do not enourage anyone to miss their hairspa ! You will notice difference just after one wash. I suggest girls especially with long hairs to never miss conditioning during headwash and make sure that you rinse out all the conditioner and shampoo drom the hairs, if you don’t rise the product out of the scalp and hairs you will see you hairs are rought on the ends and itchy scalp. So never forget to take time to rinse the products out of your hairs and scalp. I donot recommend Matrix Opti Care range to people with oily scalp. Product says it detangles and moisturizes for intense smoothness and shine for frizz-free hair, Helps protect hair against damage and helps against damage and split ends. Does what it says.

Loreal Xtenso Serum

I tell you guys why we should use serum on hair. Serum builds a layer on hair that prevents them to come directly in contact with pollution, dust, harsh weather and many more things. Never put serum on scalp or on hairs very near to scalp as it will reach there anyway. Always put it on the ends and till the lower half of the hairs and same goes to conditioner as well. Always try to put as much less chemical on the scalp as possible. Guys you can read the review of this serum in my previous beauty blog here .

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This is my haircare routine at the moment I hope you all loved reading it as much as I loved sharing it with you. Follow my blog so that you don’t miss my upcomming blog.

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