Benefits of Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

Hello everyone!! How you all are doing.. I hope you all are doing good. Today it is not a review of any product infact today we will discuss about a fruit which is a gift from mother nature. Once you know the benefit you will never be able to stop eating it. So without beating around the bush as you all can see from the title I am sharing with you the tried and tested and most visible benfits of Amla that is also known as the Indian Gooseberry!

First of all I will share the contents that Amla has in it. It contains vitmin C, Vitmin B Complex, Calcium, Phosphorus, Protein, Iron and Carotene and many more minerals. 


Amla is highly rich in anti-oxydents. I prevents ageing. Cells in our body consumes oxygen and in return generates free-radicals which is actually responsible for ageing. 


Sometimes we notice pigmentation on our face or on other parts of our body. Sometimes this is due to toxins which are settled in our body or sometimes due to lack of vitmin C or iron and calcium and Vitmin B complex. I bet you guys eat Amla for a month regularly dont miss even a day pigmentation will fade away.

Amla Juice

Dull Skin:

If read about the components of which skin is made of, you will get to know what all we need to have a healthy skin. Dull skin is sometimes due to lack of Iron, calcium, vitmin C , Vitmin B. I tell you guys Iron and Calcium are like husband and wife. Iron is not digested in our without calcium and vice-versa.  Amla makes skin 2 tones fair as all the defeciencies are cured.

Skin allergies and Fungus and itchy skin:

Amla is rich in vitamin C which stimulates immune system. It has anti-oxydent and astringent qualities. Vitmin C increases the white blood cell count which fights infection and bacterias. When our body lacks Vitmin C and Vitmin B complex, we will face various skin problems like itchy skin, patches and rings due to fungus, pimples and many more. We often try to put various balms and creams which do give relief temporarily but the problems keep repeating frequently as a result our skin on that spot starts looking ugly. Eating amla prevents all these skin problems. It purifies blood and improves production and circulation of blood. Sometimes we think we have someinfection on skin but it can also be deficiency of Vitmins and minerals. Deficiency of Iron can also results in deficiency of blood. And can results in poor skin conditions. Our skin should be rough and tough enough that we do not get any skin infection, allergies, dullness and pigmentation no matter what we do. 

Amla Powder

Skin tanning:

Guys its true, If we intake adequate amount of Iron, Calcium and vitamins, we will not get tanned easily. Taking Amla also prevents tanning. It also maintains water level in our skin. Due to its high vitamin C content, it makes our skin duvy and glowy. Skin will glow like a peal.

Cancer and High Blood Pressure:

People whoes anyone member has or had cancer has cancer history. So there are chances that they can develop cancer. Eating Amla everyday prevents Cancer. One who eats Amla daily as a daily choir can never devslops cancer. Amla strengthens muscles hence heart muscles are also gets strengthens, so the heart pumps blood smoothly throughout the body. It reduces excess Cholesterol buildup, it contains chromium which reduces the chances of astherosclerosis or plaque buildup in vessels and arteries. This reduces the chances of strokes and heart attacks. The iron content promotes the creation of new red blood cells, increasing circulation and oxygenation of organs and cells to maximise growth and regeneration of tissue, while keeping the blood vessels and artries clean.

Hair Loss, Less hair growth, white hairs:

Amla reduces hair loss and balness. It strengthens hair roots and hairs strends, improves hair pigmentation and lusture. Amla contains Iron, carotene and general anti-oxident abilities that reduces hairloss by not allowing free-redicals to damage hair follicles or impact the hormones that can cause premature hair loss. Eat Amla a week you can see the difference in hair loss.  It excellent supplement to prevent greying of hairs. Eating and apply Amla on scalp both does wonders. Whenever you experience thinning or greying of hairs it is because hairs are not getting proper nutrition or there might be some fungus developed on scalp. Iron and Calcium are essential for hairs. Whenever we take Iron supplement we should always take calcium supplement then only inron will get digested and absorbed in our body. Excess calcium  can also be harmfull. Eating 1 big tablespoon of amla is enough for our body, ot less not more. 

Eye sight loss: 

Eating Alma will maintain 6 by 6 vision. Amla contains carotenes and Vitamin A which reduces macular degeneration, night blindness, cataract in eyes and strengthen your vision before the age-related degenration from free-redicals occur. Amla helps in keeping the eyesight number stable. When our body cells intakes oxygen they produce free-redicals as byproduct which is the reason for ageing that also results in poor eyesight with ageing. Oldage people can retain their vision when intaking amla regularlya s daily choir.  Amla makes eyes attractive as it makes eyes glittery and keeps the scalara that is the white part of our eyes all white. 

​Amla Murabba


Amla is rich in fibre which helps stool move in intestines. It adds bulk to stool hence reduces diarrhoea. Fibre stimulates the secretion of gastric and digestibe juices. Amla acts as lexative, it flush out any toxins or harmful substances that we might consume in food. Which indirectly reduces pimples and acne and inproves skin tone.

Improves appetite and balances body weight:

Some people are under weight due to poor appetite. Poor appetite can be due to constipation, acidity, gass and improper digestion. Amla balances nitrogen levels hence improving body weight in a healthy way. If one has acidity then if he intakes amla for one year, he will get rid of acidity for life. Amla maintains metabolism.

Urine problems: 

Amla is rich in water and is slightly diuretic in nature. Which means that it increases frequency and volume of urination. Urination helps our body reduce toxins, excess level of water, salts and uric acids. Fun fact! Our urine contains 4% of fats, hence we  get rid of fat that reduce our unhealthy weight. Pimples are also caused due to excess heat in our body. Amla is cool in nature, with proper urination we also lose body heat. Amla keeps our kidney healthy and also prevents urinary infections and uterine infections.

Other benefits of Amla: 

Amla contains 80% of water, protiens, minerals, carbohydrates and fiber. It strengthens lever and cure lever disorder, urinary problems, respiratory problems, cerebral, gastric and cardiovascular illness, lowers cholestrol levels, increases red and white blood cells, strengthens nails, teeth and hairs.

Friends add Indian Gooseberry or we can say Amla in you daily routine throughout lifetime and stay healthy. We all know prevention is better than cure. You can take Amla everyday in the form of juice, powder, candy or Amla Murabba, whichever way you like. It is equally effective.

Take Care

Parnika Preet


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