Get spotless skin with BIOTIQUE Bio Winter Green (Spot Correcting Anti-Acne Cream)


Hello everyone!! How you all are doing?? .. Hope you all are doing good ❀ ❀ .. Tired of the acne scares, spots and visible pores on skin…. I have got the holy grail πŸ™‚

Today I am reviewing BIOTIQUEΒ  Bio Winter Green spot correcting Anti-Acne Cream, this was the mouthfull. Hehe!!Β  I used this cream for a month and literally saw a visible difference in my skin.Β  To know more about the product keep on reading….


Indian Berberry Tuber-1.5%, Chotti Dudhi Tuber-2.2%, Indian Winter green Oil-1.0%, Margosa Extract-2.0%, Cream Base-0.5%

Written on Packaging:

Winter Green is extracted from the leaves of a small evergreen herb, coveted for its cooling, healing, anti-inflammatory actions. This soothing spot correcting cream helps clear up blemishes and promote poreless, flawless skin without flakiness and dryness.


My Experience:

The packaging of the product is obviously white and green as you all can see in pictures. It is priced at Rs 199 for 15gm of product. A small pea size amount is enough for whole face however for neck we need to take little extra scoop.Β  Cream is beige in color and is gel like consistency I would say texture is quite light. The scent of this cream is kind of a powdered cologate that used to come back then! I swear guys .. I am literally not joking. Though it smells wired when I apply all over my face at night, it gives me calming and soothing effect on my skin and my senses. I experienced the change on my skin the second day. At first I applied only on the acne scares and blemishes but as soon as I noticed that it also minimize pores, I went all in and used all over my face. It literally left my face plump, eventone and glowing. Yes it significantly minimized the appearance of pores on my face. I really liked this cream and I highly recommend to anyone who has oily or normal skin and is dealing with blemishes, pores and acne prone skin.


  • Likes the fresh fragrance
  • Price is economical
  • It does what it says


  • Fragrance is quite prominent, though it doesn’t bother me however in case if someone doesn’t like it cannot avoid the fragrance.

You can buy the product at:



Parnika Preet Saini


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