Painting Nails with Onglaze Nail Paints

Namaste everyone!! . . How you all doing?? .. Hope you all are doing good and enjoying the monsoon. Lush green trees, cool breeze and rainbow in the sky. Every place looks heaven right!! ❀ ❀

So you people grab a cup of coffee and reveal the complete blog. Today I am going to review Onglaze Nail polishes. These retails for Rs 60. Color options are really nice in this range. Shopkeeper told me that these nail paints are somewhere related to LAKME, I do not how, I think but are manufactured from the same plant if I am not wrong……!

I compared the LAKME  and ONGLAZE colors and to my surprise shades were almost same. LAKME nail paints retails for Rs 150 and ONGLAZE nail paints retails for Rs 60. I got 3very pretty coloral shades 41, 82, 38.

My Experience:

These anilpaints lasts about a week. These starts chipping from 5 to 6 days. These nailpolishes takes really long time to get dry. 2 to 3 coats really takes very long to dry which is very annoying. I must say brushes are really nice. With these brushes in them application is very easy and neat. Not impressed by this product. Though I really love the shades so have been using them on and off.


* Shades in this range are pretty

* Brushes are really nice that makes application really easy and neat


* Takes ages to get dry

*Needs 2 to 3 shades to avoid translucent fininish
Parnika Preet


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