Traditional Indian Shoes With a Twist

Hii guys!! Today I am very excited and eager to showcase the footwear brand from Lucknow Talkingtoe that has presented our traditionl footwear in a modern funcky yet elegant way.

I came across this brand on instagram and I literally blown away by their ideas. The footwears are good quality and you can wear their footwear on any Indian or western outfit with out stressing your mind a bit. 

Today I will not write much because as you see the collection you will get to know what I mean.

This brand is so versatile that you can also customise your own pair of shoes your own way. Below you see two jutties, these are customised by one of their client for her engagment.

Let me show you more bomb shoes by them.

TalkinToe makes statement footwears. I swear by their designs that if you buy them you will get compliments everytime you wear them.  

Not only for girls they also make accessories for kids too!

Today I have showcased their current collection. You can order your pair through their instagram account of linked below.



Parnika Preet



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