Colobar Kiss Proof Lip Satin Review

Hi!! .. How you all are doing ?? Hope you all are doing very well. Are you all enjoying the beautifull rainy season ❀ .. I am loving the lush greenry and bright flowers everywhere. Gardens look perfect this season.. Walking barefeet on grass.. Feeling the wet grass.. Ahha.. This is what life is and this is what we are living to experience right!! I love nature πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’“ Do you?? Tell me ehat you enjoy about this weather .. ?? 😍

Well..  lets talk about “ladies love”  Red Lipshade Rustic Red by Colobar. This lipstic comes in silver container with a strip of transparent plastic that shows the shade in the container. It retails for about 900Rs for 6.5ml of product. This lipstick dries complete matt and dries out lips littlebit, I would suggest to use lipbalm before wearing the lipstick. It takes 30 sec to 40 sec to get dry. The aplicater is easy to use however it takes out more product than required. It smells like vanella and chocolates. Texture of this lipstick is good. 

I got this lipstick in shade Rustic number 008. This shade is absolutely beautiful. It is like brick colored Red, I hope you got my point. It is such a beautifull everyday Red shade. I believe it can be a beautiful nude shade for girls who are not into nude much and like colors for everyday. 

I always match the lipshade with the outfit I wear, so that both my outfit and lipshade compliment eachother. And I have seen that this color goes well with almost all of my outfits. 

This lipcolor stays good 6 to 7 hours. When I drink water or tea it does not stains the cup. However if I eat oily food it does wears away little bit however if I smudge my lips over eachother it gets evenout and does not require touchup. One more thing I must mention is that when it gets wornout it doesnot leave that line on the parameter of lips. 

I should say it is the lipshade that every girl should have. I completely love this lipstick. I hope you like my thoughts on the Colobar Kiss Proof Lip Satin. Please find the link below to buy this lipstick.

Parnika Preet 

Stalk me at:

Instagram: @itssWhatifeel



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