Review of Patanjali Face Scrub

Hello guys!! How are you all. Hope you all are doing very well and enjoying the rains πŸ’πŸ’ Its been raining all day. As I am writing this blog I am sipping on my evening  tea with Samosa gazing at the rains and writing the blog. How you all enjoy the rains at your place. 

Lets get started with the review! 

Why we should Scrub our face regularly?πŸ€”

Facing any discoloration, uneven and dull skin, blackheads or whiteheads I would suggest scrub your face twice or thrice a week. Make sure you gently massage the scrub. I promise scrub will work more efficiently when you sctub gently. You will start notice that your skin will be brighter and more eventone.

Well!!  Today I am going to review Patanjali Face Scrub. It has Apticot with Wheat gram and Aloe Vera. Product retails for Rs 60 for 60g of product. It has mild creamy scent. I like the scent, however it goes away after 30secs when you start scrubbing it all over the face. The cream is offwhite in color with little bigger beads. However Beats do not feel harsh on skin though. 


Aqua, Srub base, Methyl Paraben, Sugandhit Dravya, permittr Color-Q-S, Khubani (Prunus Armeniaca)-50mg, Moduma (Triticum Sativum)-20mg, Ghrat Kumari (Aloe Vera)-480mg.

Product Says: 

A natural scrub cream for thorough and effective cleansing and enhances blood circulation for radiant and healthy skin. Khoobani (Apricot) kernel granules removes dead skin cells and black/white heads. Godhuma (Wheat germ) natural vitamin E, a powerful anti oxident, tones and reduces theeffects of environmental pollution. Ghrit Kumari (Aloe Vera) possess skin softening, healing and nourishing properties.

My Experience with this product:

I bought this product randomly and reason was it was ver low on price. I was using this scruc daily before bedtime. I used to scrub my face first and the I would use mild cleanser. I have black heads on my nose and white heads around my nose. Just after using it for 4 days continuous I noticed the white heads were gone. After 10 days I also nogiced my skin was brighter and it glowy. I am really impressed by this scrub. Texture of this scrub is quite creamy. My skin is dry and it feels very smooth, creamy and nourishing on skin. It does not dryout my skin like other scrubs in the market. Beads in this srub arebigger than the usual scrubs anf when you message this scrub gently on the face it feels that it is working on your skin. As you all can see I have used this product completely and definately going to buy this product.


* Pocket friendly

* Does what it says

* Tube is travel friendly

* Very creamy and velvety in texture


* Contains Parabens

* Oily dkin people needs to use foam based cleanser after using this product

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