Get poreless skin with Ponds BB cream 

Hello guys!! How you all are doing? .. Hope you all are doing very well and enjoying sunday laidback evening. Today is sunday and I had superfun exploring Janpath in Delhi and then Lifestyle and Forever21 in Noida DLF. I sometimes enjoy going alone and exploring the bazar. Now I am at home sitting in balcony sipping tea taking in the calmness and cool breeze. How you enjoy your weekend let me know 💞 .. Lets get started with the review of Ponds BB cream.

I have been using Ponds BB cream since a month and loving it completely. I bought the sample size to tryout the product and I am bold out by the quality of this product. It retails for about Rs 85 for 9g.

Comes in a white tube with pink line and silver cab, mouth of the tube is very thin because of which product is not wasted and only adequate product comes out when we squeeze the tube.

It has very mild flower scent in it that goes away while applying the product. I really like this fragrance. This cream has SPF 30 and also has BB and fairness cream with GenWhite cover formula. Well I am not in favour of fairness creams. I did not find any perticular shade name or number on it however it says All in one so I suppose it works for all the skin shades.

My experience:

Color and blend test on my hand :

This product matches my skin like a dream. It gives shear coverage. Feels very light and moisturised. As you all know I have dry skin and this product does not dehydrates my skin not even least. It gives my skin very natural and polished look.

While using it, sunscreen is not required, is also one if the reason I love this product. It blendes into the skin completely in just two to three swipe. Product is also not overpriced. After I apply moisturizer I use Ponds BB cream and it does not dryout or makes my skin oily. I really love this product. I highly recomend this BB cream.

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