JOVEES Apple and Grape Fruit Pack | Review

Face packs are essential part of any skin care regime. It sooths skin and inproves quality of the skin. Recently I have been loving applying the Joves Apple and Grape Fruit pack. This pack comes in a pink and white tube. I must say packing is very cute. Tube has a flip cap on it and the packing is very travel friendly.  It retails for Rs 165 for 120g of product and it has kind of fruity and calamine fragrance which stays when we apply it. Fragrance does not bother me though. I must say as per the quality price for this product is very less.


Apple extract, Peach extract, Appricot extract, Vitamin E.

My Experience:

I use makeup everyday and so facepack is a must for me to maintain my skin. I use this facepack 2 to 3 times a week. The texture of this pack is very fine and creamy. It easily spreads all over the face. When I apply this pack, it feels as if it has some kind of moisturizer in it. Feels like some cream or oil is also working with the pack. My skin type is dry as you all know by far! It does not at all make my skin dry after I remove it.  I keep this pack on for 15 to 20 mins and I really feel refreshed.

My skin becomes soft and pores are minimised and skin do becomes radiant. With time I have noticed that pores are reduced and black and white heads are also minimised. It takes aways all the dirst and impurities from the pores. This pack is really worth a try.

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Parnika Preet


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