How to take care of Contact Lenses? 

Hello guys! .. How you all are doing?? Hope you are doing amazing 😍 How many of you want to start using lenses instead of specs because one of the main reason is not able to flaunt cool sunglasses. How many of you find the same reason ??😉  Or their might be some people who are using lenses however they catch eye infection very quickly when they wear lenses. 🤒😥

So for all of you I will share how I take care of my lenses and each and everything that I do. I have been using lenses for past 8 years. I literally hate glasses !

First and for most use soft lenses and from the good brand. I would suggest get the expensive lenses from the good brand. I use Bosh and Lomb for all the lenses needs. Try to get the monthly lenses, these expire after 30 days each month. The reason being is that, monthly lenses are extremely soft and comfortable to eyes and these do not dry out your eyes at all and when on 26 or 27 day you will feel discomfort and dry eyes and it means its time to open the new pair of lenses. I used yearly, six month and two months and 3 days too. The most comfortable are monthly basis lenses. The main reason is that if in case your eyes catches any infection it goes away with your expired lenses. Any all the impurities, germs and bacteria goes away plus when you use new lenses the build up of ions and other chemicals is no more.

Rules of wearing lenses:

 * Never sleep wearing lenses even if you take a nap for 15 mins or 30mins or any amount of time. Do not make any excuse even if you are in any function, wedding, office, sleepover or any damn thing. Beacuse it can cause scratches on our cornea or damage retina.

* Never ever wear expired lenses. This is also the reason I switched to monthly lenses beacuse I used to always forget the date and month when to change lenses and yearly lenses used to make my eyes dry.

* Never scratch eyes while wearing lenses. Again it will damage cornea.

* Never drive two wheeler without sunglasses and do not let dirt enter your eyes. Avoid sandtorm and dirt enter your eyes

* Avoid lenses in water parks and beaches or if you are eearing lenses there do not use the same lenses again. I would suggest to throw away the lenses.

* Make a rule that you always wash you hands with anti-bacterial soap and then touch your lenses no matter if you have taken bath or just washes you hands and mistankenly wiped hands with towel. Donot touch anything once you wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap straightaway wear or remove lense accordingly and then wipe hands with towel or touch anything.

* Donot let rain water enter you eyes while weariing lenses and even if it did then use eyedrops and carefully wash the lenses with liquid and the store them in container.

* Use eye drops daily prescribe by the doctor everyday which will prevent dryness and infection everyday.

* Wash the lens containers every week and do not trust new containers that they are new and you do not need to clean them, please clean them by yourself. Boil water in a pan for 5-10 mins till it gets bubbles and then keep you lens containers in the boiled water for 10 mins. Do not wipe the container with any cloth just put lens liquid and store your lenses,close it and wipe the outside with clean cotton.

* Take eye checkups every 6months.

* Donot keep lenses orany of its necessities in washroom

Thats all!! I know the list is quite long. However if you follow these simple rules you will not get infections in your eyes and you will not damage your eyes at all.  Now, lets discuss about the liquid we use for our lenses.

Lens liquid is also as important as lenses because it keeps the lenses from building germs and bacterial colonies, building cations and protien layers and many more thing.  Please choose the lense liquid from a very good brand. I have used many good brands in market, however I found out that with Bosh and Lomb my lenses were soft and it did not dry out my lenses. If we donot use good lens liquid, lenses might make our eyes dry. Even if we use the lenses for several hours will not make our eyes dry wih good quality liquid.

Last but not the least donot forget to use the clean sterlized containers. Donot let the containers filled with liquid sit open unnecessarily. Also make sure that you not touch the containers without washing your hands with anti-bacterial soaps. Keep the containers at clean and dry place where they donot catch any dirt and not any insect approach them.

Thank you guys comming all along reading my article. I hope you found it informative. It is based on my experience of using lenses. For any query you can comment down below, dm me on instagram or you can email me. Like, share and subscribe.


Parnika Preet


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