Colobar Chocolate Brown Definer Lipliner |Review

Hello guys!! How you all are doing?? Hope you all are rocking this week. Today I am sharing with you the lipshade that I have been loving these days. It is a lipliner by Colobar in Chocolate brown 014.

This is a perfect dark brown shade we can imangine, not too dark that looks odd or not light just the perfect deep dark brown. I was looking for brown shade that will look good on me. I can already see myself wearing this color alot in Autum and winters. As the name says it is perfectly the dark brown chocolate shade.  It retails for Rs 599 for 1.5g of product. It didn’t smell anything which is good.

I have been using this lipliner as a lipstick because I really loved the shade. This lipliner is very smooth and cremey which feels like you are applying lipstick. It becomes very easy to apply because of the thin tip I can easily line my lips and due to creamy texture it easily glides on the lips. With just one swipe it give the actual shade I did not find any need to again go over it.

Looks perfect matt on lips and doesnot highlights the lines of your lips at all. Doesnot smudge or flow around the lips. It stays upto 5 hours which is really amazing. After the meals I had to do little touchup just to darken the color as it faded evenly.

It does not leave a line around the parameter of the lips rather fades evenly which is a plus. I don’t like those matt lipstick which leaves a visible lines araound the lips. Looks really embarrassing when lipstick is gone and only the visible line is left around the lips. Well talking about this new found love, I really like this product and I highly recomend this shade. It will be worth the price. As the autum and winters are fast approaching we can make the most of this lipshade. I know some of the girls do not experiment with dark shades or the brown shades much, they usually use light pinks, pinks, red or light reds or to the most maroon. However, I suggest try this lipper you will totally love it and will thank me later πŸ˜‰. Keep experimenting with lipshades, it will give really help in your makeovers or any one looking for change.

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Parnika Preet


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