Patanjali Divya Gulab Jal |Review

Hello everyone!! How you all are doing?? Hope you all are doing very well. Tonner is an essential part of skin care. I got to know the importance of a face tonner only when I started using the face toner and since then no looking back. I have significantly noticed a difference in my skin texture and skin tone as well. Dabar Gulab jal was my first toner that I used. Then I shufted to many tonners however I finally somhow landed to Patanjali gulab jal abd since then it is my holy grail product of my skin care. So as you all guys know this is a review blog of Patanjali Divya Gulab Jal. First of all we should know the reson behind why we should include tonner in our skin care. So for this I will seperately write a blog, as of now in short let me tell you its major importance. 

Using skin tonner after using facewash or whenever we feel that our skin is becoming dull and need little refreshment in between the day is because it keeps our skin pH level in balance, pH imbalance can cause pimples or uneven skintone and also it helps to remove pollution or dirt which is left even after using the facewash. 

So now lets get into the review of the product. The packaging is quite simple. It comes in transparent plastic container and I feel that if we donot remove the little cap under the main cal, just making a small hole and using it in this way then it can be carried while travelling however if the small lid is removed then it somehow leaks. So I would suggest to transfer it to an airtight containera and then take it if you are travelling. OMG this product is super inexpensive only RS 30 for 120ml of product. You will see tiny rose patels floating at the bottom of the bottle, dont worry about it, if you want you can filter the rose water. I use it as it is I do not mind rose patels floating at the bottom of the container. Patanjali Divya Rose water is my favourite tonner as far. It has very mild rose petal fragrance in it which goes away ehen we apply it. 

Ingredients: water and rose extract in ratio 1:1. Means both are mixed in equal quantities.

My Experiance:

I use this rose water each time I wash my face with facewash with a cotton pad. It immediately gives cooling and soothing effect. As we wash face with facewash we feel that natural skin oil is removed from the skin along with impurities however when we apply this rosewater it feels that the natural layer is formed on the skin which feels very comfortable and feels live it is synked into the skin immediately. Rose contains collagen that prevents skin ageing and restores skin elasticity so it is a great way to get the benefits of roses. When I use this tonner I did feel a difference in my skin, it feels more soft, eventone and little plump as well. After using it 2times a day for a week I really felt the difference. I recomend everyone to include tonner in skin care routine and give this Rose water a try.


* Very Affordable product.

* Eventones the skin

* Retains skin elasticity

* Non sticky


* Packaging is not travelfriendly


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