Biotique Bio Milk Protuen whitening & Rejuvenating Face Pack | Review

Hii!  Guys long time no see. How you all are doing?? Hipe you all are doing very well. I was little busy past few days, so was not able to write blogposts much. Did you guys checkout my youtube channel with name Parnika Preet. Enough of rumbling, lets get started with the review. I have been using Biotique Bii Milk Protein face pack since  15 days and seen amazing results with this pack. This face pack retails for about Rs 199 for 50gm of product.

 Product come in basic white tub with green lid. Product smells like mint and cream, I am not sure how to explain its fragrance. This face pack is completely white in color and feels like bit of cream and pack. When we apply this pack it feels similar to applying cream on the face but little drier than cream. 

Ingredients : 

My Experience : 

I really love this facepack. My skin is dry and so this facepack suits my skin well. When I apply this facepack, it feels like I am applying mild cream on my face. The texture feels very smooth, refreshing and soothing. When this pack dries it still feels like cream, it does not dryout like other facepacks that dry out hard and skin feels still. However this pack gives little feeling of dry but the pack does not dryout which is the best part. With just one application, I could see the difference. It made my skin eventone and nourished. Dryness of the skin was faded. It also took away the new pimples which were about to poke out from my skin. I highly recommend this pack for dry skin people.

I rate this product 5 out of 5. 

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