Vya Naturals Rose Luxury Toner|Review

Hi guys! Welcome to my new blogpost! Tonner I am going to talk about the most important part of skin care regime. Most of the girls donot use tonners, however most of the skin problems can be cured simply by using tonner on the skin after cleansing face with a cleanser. 

Well, you guys must have known that I loove using rose water as a tonner, if you have read my Patanjali Rose water review. If you haven’t then you can scroll down to the previous blog and read its review. Now lets begin with the review!Vya Naturals Rose Luxury Toner comes in a clear plastic spray container with white spray cap. This product retails for 17$ for 3.38oz that is Rs 1,105 for 99.9 ml of product. It has sweet rosy fragrance in it that at once uplifts your mood and refreshes the senses. 


There is not any product listed under ingredients list except Distilled rose water. 

My Experience:

I love this rose water toner. It has sweet rosy fragrance that I love. Not too sweet and not too flowery, just a perfect balance of both. Once I wash my face with a facewah I sprag this toner on a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face, around the eyes face neck ears back of tge ears and I feel that my skin gets a little elasticity. My skin feels refreshed and prepped for th day. It also feel that the pores are also cleansed. I also noticed since using this product that white head and blackheads are reduced and it less of these are showing up on my face. When I apply this toner it feels tgat a protective layer is madeup on my skin and without it skin feels bare and prone. Using rose water makes the skin feels soft, smooth and eventone. Blemishes on my face have reduced at lot, guess because rose waterbalanced the pH level and hence evenoutvthe skin and makes skin more clear and glowy. I am blown away by this product. You guys can get this product on smytten app or their website or you can get on the below link:


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