Biotique Bio White Advance Fairness Face Wash|Review

Hello guys! How you all are doing.. Hope you all are doing good. Today I am going to talk about my favourite facewash that I have been using throughout December which is Biotique Bio White Advace Fairness Facewash.

 This is a very gentle and absolutely foamfree facewash. It has very mild fruity fragrance that does not stays long once you wash the face with it. This facewash retails for Rs100 for 100ml of product. When applied this facewash is clear gel and does not create foam at all even if applied in heavy quantity which I love about it. 


When I wash my face with it, it literally feels like it is working and sucking all the impurities from within the skin. It feels like it is deep cleanser. Product says it is whitening and brightning. I am not a fan of bring fair well it does have made my skin eventone and little brighter.

 I have dry skin and it doenot dryout the skin at all. It is a very good facewash for people with dry skin. This facewash defenately needs a try and you guys will thank me later! 

Thank you for reading the blog. 

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Parnika Preet


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