Reasons why we should use Roses in beauty regime

Hello my friends! How you all are doing?  Hope you all are doing great!! Hope you all are enjoying winter and festive season. 

Today I am going to talk about the benefits of using Rose in our beauty regime. We see so many beauty companies coming up with rose or rose extracts in their products. We should know what the hype is all about Right! 

(Above is the variety of rose we use in beauty regime in India, which is also known as desi gulab)

Roses have their special place in beauty regime since the time of Cleopatra. Roses have inflammatory property which reduces redness and irritated skin. Roses helps in preventing and even minimise egzema and also removes tan from the skin. Rose water is excellent toner. When we comeback from the sun exposure we should spray ourselves some rose tonner and then we can apply aloevera gel on the skin and it will prevent sun burn and also will not allow our skin to get tan.

Rose water balances the pH level of skin. So we should use it as tonner or use it in our bath as it evensout the skintone.

Roses repair the skin cells and hence prevents ageing and also removes marks.

Roses have anti-bacterial properties, so it also cures acne, pimples and any fungus from the skin. Also I keep the home made rose water in a spray bottle and spray it on the scalp so that all the bacteria or fungus is treated because prevention is better than cure and also it cures dandruff too.

Rose is very good mood enhancer. It lits up the mood and spirit. When we have bad day or stressfull day we can use Rose essential oil and use it in oil defuser in our house and we will really feel relaxed. I try to use the Rose essential oil in oil defuser every weekend to taken in the good vibes. 

 How we can use Rose petals directly in baeuty regime rather than using any rose product:

Buying Rose extract products is so mainstream. I am not discouraging to not buy the products, I just want to make aware my friends and anybody who knows me that we should try to use as many natural products as possible and see the magic on our skin. 

So I will share with you all how I use rose petals at home:

Boil as many rose patels as per the concentration you like, in water in a pan for 15-20 mins, make sure that you boil more quantity of water then needed because some amount of water will be evaporated in the end  then we can pore this water in shower or we can keep the water in spray bottel and use it as our very own home made rose tonner. Make sure that you choose the right variety of rose for the beauty regime. In India we use Desi rose for this purpose or you can do some research about which variety of rose can be used in your country.

Hope you like my thoughts and my practice.

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  1. This is very interesting information and thank you very much for posting it. I particularly like the way you use rose water to keep the skin free from tan. I have to try it out. I know that Rosa damascena is also one of the best roses to use when making essential oil, rose hydrosol or rosewater. I think it is good to use such rose if you don’t have the one you recommend.

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    1. Yes you can also use the Rosa damascena. Rose is one of my holygrail beauty product. Keep using rose consistantly and you will discover its more benefits. Thank you for reading it and sharing your thoughts. Means a lot to me πŸ’ž

      Liked by 1 person

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