Jovees Moisturising Body Wash Rose|Review

Hello guys how you all are doing?? Hope you enjoyed the first weekend of 2018 pretty well. Wish you all all the luck and prosperity in life! Today I am going to review Jovees Moisturizing Body Wash Rose. 

This is one amingst the best bodywashes I have tried. This has rose fragrance in it that lingers for about 3-4 hours that I absolutely love. While taking bath with Jovees Moisturizing Rose bodywash it even makes the shower smell of roses that really helps me awaken more in the mornings and feel refreshed. I always like good smelling products specially with the rose scent. This product comes in transparent container with golden lid. The gel is pink in color which looks very girly and pretty. Jovees moisturizing Rose bodywash retails for about Rs 295 for 300ml of product. 

 Ingredients: Rose petals, Chamomile, Green tea, Lotus flower, Comfrey leaf, Passion flower.

Product says it is gentle and moisturizing, super lathery, making your skin feel silky and soft. It’s non-drying and perfect for daily use. Purify and invigorate your skin with refreshing blend of Rose, Chamomile and blend of true essential oils. Well, I found this bodywash gentle. Yes it does not dry out the skin however it is not very moisturizing. I feel that this shower gel is lathery but not too much lathery and one thing that I love about this shower gel is that it is easy to remove, it does not take time to rinse. 

I really like this shower gel. It is a very nice shower gel worth trying!

You can buy Jovees Moisturizing Rose body wash :

 Jovees Moisturizing Rose Bodywash

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