DIY Green Tea Mask

Hello guys! Today I am going to share with you an awsome recipie for facepack . It is great for people with dry skin and also can be used by anyone in winter season. This is one of my favourite DIY facepack for winters.

Recipie is super easy and super available. Whenever you drink green tea, just keep the bag and get some yogurt. I am pretty sure we all have in our kitchen.

Ingredients: Green Tea Bang, yogurt.


Take 2 tabelspoon of yogurt in a bowl. Open the tea bag and mix it well in the yogurt. Make sure that the yogurt is not atall runny otherwise you will have runny consistancy in the pack. And the Green Tea facemask is ready.

Apply it all over the face nd keep it for 15 min or according to your convinience. Let me inform you before hand that it will smell of green tea ofcourse, however after you rinae the face with warm water and facewash it goes away completely.


Yogurt is anti-bacterial in nature and will deep cleanse your pores. Yogurt is like food for your skin. It is super hydrating and will remove all the flakyness and dryness of the skin. Green tea is full of vitamins and minerals in it. Green tea will rejuvinate your skin and will reduce pimples and markes. When applied this mixture, you will get soft, smooth, eventone, hydrated and clear skin I promise. It will also reduce premature lines and wrinkles. Try this recipie of facepack and share with me the after results in the comments section below. Would love to hear from you guys!

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Parnika Preet

27 thoughts on “DIY Green Tea Mask

    1. Its a great mask.. I got this recipie from an Indian actress and then I also tried this mask and it worked wonders..!! Pls avoid the green tea smell, because it might be little strong for some people.. Otherwise its worth using.


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