DIY Rose and Eucalyptus facepack for Glowy Skin

Hello guys! How you all are doing, hope you all are doing very well. So today I am going to share with you all the Ayurvedic DIY facemask in the ongoing series on DIY Ayurvedic facemask. Rose and Eucalyptus facemask is for glowy skin. This facemask will show the drastic results after usage of 4 continuous days. Ingredients : Powdered Rose petals, powdered Eucalyptus leaves or Eucalyptus essential oil, Honey and Rose water. However, before moving to the receipe, lets first of all know what all these ingredients do? Roses contains a complex array of vitamins, minerals and and anti-oxidents. … Continue reading DIY Rose and Eucalyptus facepack for Glowy Skin

DIY Ayurvedic Neem facepack

Hello guys! Wish u all an amazing valentine week.. Today as the title suggests I am going to share with you guys an amazing Ayurvedic neem facepack recipie for amazing glowing and healthy skin. I asked you guys on my instagram about should I start a series on Ayurvedic facepack masks. So here I am with the first post of this series. Ingredients: Neem leaves(Azadirachta Indica), Turmeric, Curd incase skin is dry to normal skin or Rosewater in case skin is oily to normal skin. Before we make this face mask let us first be aware what all these ingredients … Continue reading DIY Ayurvedic Neem facepack

Red Ginseng Sheetmask by Faceshop| Review

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the new blogpost. Today I am going to review Red Ginseng Sheetmask by Faceshop. I can not stop raving about this holygrail sheetmask. This sheetmask retails for about Rs 100 and there is always a discount going on so you all can get the product there in half the price. The color ofcthe sheetmask is reddish, absorbed in all the goodness of ginseng. Ginseng sheetmask by Faceshop is not good in fragrance, however the results are amazing. Lets first of all read about the benefits of Ginseng itself before going further with the review. … Continue reading Red Ginseng Sheetmask by Faceshop| Review