DIY Ayurvedic Neem facepack

Hello guys! Wish u all an amazing valentine week.. Today as the title suggests I am going to share with you guys an amazing Ayurvedic neem facepack recipie for amazing glowing and healthy skin. I asked you guys on my instagram about should I start a series on Ayurvedic facepack masks. So here I am with the first post of this series.

Ingredients: Neem leaves(Azadirachta Indica), Turmeric, Curd incase skin is dry to normal skin or Rosewater in case skin is oily to normal skin.

Before we make this face mask let us first be aware what all these ingredients do?

Neem leaves ( Azadirachta Indica ) :

Neem is a Godgift when it comes to any body infections. We can grind the leaves in mixergrinder with some water inorder to get the paste. We can squeeze this paate to get the neem leaves juice. I swear guys the taste can kill someone, it tastes so bitter. However incase any of you decides to drink it keep some patience and eat a tablespoon of sugar to combat that taste and feel better.

Neem has amazing magical powers when it comes to any infection. In any skin infection just apply the paste of neem leaves or just the juice, it will not only cure the infection but also the scars. Neem sucks the impurities, germs and bacteria from the skin. We can also boil the neem leaves in water and can use the water in bath or shower, we will notice that the spots or scars on the body will be minimised and body acne is all gone. Neem is also an excellent blood purifier. We can directly eat the neem leaves or its leaves juice in rainy season as it is the best time to purify our blood. And I can bet you guys will not get any pimple or any pigmentation and scars on the skin.

Neem is also anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteria, tightents skin, gives clear glowing skin.

Termeric :

It is anti-inflammatory, gives lusture to the skin, anti-ageing, cures scars and spots, reduces melanin hence removes tan and pigmentation.


Now we all know about the benefits of these ingredients. So now lets gets started with the recipie.

Dry the neem leaves and grind them in a mixergrinder or buy the neem leaves poweder online, it is easily available on Indian Amazon. Take 1tableapoon of neem leaves powder and mix 1/4th tablespoon of turmeric powder. However incase you have never used turmeric on the skin then please do a patch test first, because it does stain the skin or it might also cause swelling, though it is temporary and natural ingredients never cause any harmful effects.

Make sure if you skin is dry use curd to make the paste or use rose water in case the skin is oily. And Volla! Pack is ready!

Now directly apply this pack on the skin and expwrience the mind blowing results.

Guys try out this facepack and share the amazing results in comments with me on my blog or facebook page, would love to here from you guys!

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Parnika Preet

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