My Favourite Red Lipsticks

Hello my girlies!! I am so excited to share this blog with you guys. Red is my all time favourite lip shade. Red shade not only brightens you skin but also enough if you wear no makeup. Red lipstick and a big black shades and you are done for all the makeup of the day. Do you guys agree with me!!

So enough of the intro lets straightaway get into the blog. This blog can be lengthy so grab a mug of coffee and come along..

1. Nykaa So Matte in the shade Scarlet Siren:

Scarlet Siren from the range Nykaa So Matte is one of my favourite shade. It is a bright coral red shade. Whenever I donot want to wear any makeup I go for this shade. This shade looks amazing on my skintone. Texture of this lipstick is amazing. Single stroke gives enough coverage.

You can buy this lipstick from below link:!599!3!37617423434!!!g!41477300408!&ef_id=WAuQkAAABSWi4cC2:20180324161905:s#Meganav-brand-e&skuId=176726

2. Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mouse Lipstick in Color Crimson Silk:

Crimson Silk from the Range Lip and Cheek color by Lakme is love. This lip color will suite every brown skintone. This lipstick looks matte and is extremely comfortable, does not dry out the lip at all. And most fun part is I can use it as blush also. Texture is creamy and turns matte after 10 secs. This color is coral red on a bit of maroon side. It is really pretty color. I am always asked for the lipsade I am wearing when ever I wear this lipstick.

You can buy this Lipstick from the link below:


3. Colorbar in the shade Rustic :

Rustic from Colobar is a very unique Red color. It looks really similar to brick color. It is a very flattering suttle Red color which looks very beautifull. This lipstick is transferproof and stays upto 8 hours. After meels do need touchups. This lipstick does not dryout the lips even after being completely matte.

You can buy this shade from the below link:!599!3!37617423434!!!g!41477300408!&ef_id=WAuQkAAABSWi4cC2:20180324162537:s&skuId=26132


4. Maybelline in the shade Bold Crimson:

Bold Crimson is a bold bright Red color with pink undertone nd this is the reason I love this color. This lipstick looks matte though it gives creme finish. Texture is very comfortable and stays upto 4-5 hours.

You can buy this lipstick from the below link:

6. Miss Claire in the shade 10 :

Shade 10 from Miss Claire is a very beautifull bold Red color with undertone berry color. This a very different Red shade. I always gets asked for the shade whenever I wear this shade. I am sure it wll look amazing on all skintones. This lipstick looks matte and is not at all drying on the lips. Texture is creamy. This lipstick stays upto 4-5 hours.

You can buy this shade from the below link:


I hope you all liked my selection of Red lipsticks that I totally love. Comment down below your favourite Red colored lipsticks as I am always ready to try new Lipshades.

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Parnika Preet

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