Biotique Bio Clove Purifying Anti-Blemish Facepack|Review

Hello everyone!welcome back ! How you all are doing.. Hope you all are doing great. Today I am going to share my views on the Biotique Bio Clove Purifying Anti-Blemish Facepack.

Biotique Bio Clove Purifying Anti-Blemish Facepack facepack comes in classic biotique container in white and green. This product retails for about Rs 199 for 75g of product. Facepack contains herbal and clove fragrance which feels soothing. As the product says it is for purifing and making skin blemish free and it is for oily and acne prone skin.

Product says:

Clove is a warm, spicy herb that hasbeen used as effective antibiotic, antiseptic, and antiviral agent for thousands of years. This purifying anti-blemish pack is blended with pure clove and wild turmeric to control pimples, absorb excess oils and other embedded impurities that can cause acneic conditions. With regular use, the complexion looks clear, smooth and vibrant.


My Experience:

I sometimes get uneven skintone, I do get blemishes around my mouth and forehead. I had with mask with me for a while and I thought of giving it a try. At the first 2 usage I didnot find any difference still I continued using it, later on I did noticed that my skin got cleared and I do noticed a difference in my skintone. My skin is more clear and vibrant. With my experience I can say that this product does what it says. I tried using this mask everyday. I keep this mask on for about 20 to 25 mins, well make sure that you remove it once it dries out and donot talk while you apply the mask because this caused finelines and wrinkles on the face. The fragrance is very calming and relaxing, I should say fragrance is noticeable. Biotique Bio Clove facemask is very affordable and we get 75g of product which is quite decent. I loved using this mask and I do recommend this product.


* Boudget friendly

* Does what it says

* Herbal


* Clove and Herbal fragrance is noticeable, for me personally I don’t mind

I hope you liked the review.

You can buy this mask from the link:!599!3!109621526714!!!g!294682000766!&ef_id=Wr1yLAAABJmMYe73:20180329230932:s

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