Visit Pushkar with me!!

Hello guys! Today I am going to share with you all my travel experience to Pushkar!! I am from Ajmer, Rajasthan and Pushkar is 14km from Ajmer. Last time I went there I vlogged and clicked pictures to share my experience of this beautiful place.

Lets get started!

There are two ways to goto Pushkar from Ajmer. One way is through valley and mountains and the other way us through plans, where you can see village people and village life and plain deserty grasslands. Well! my favourite is through mountains and valleys. The entire Ajmer city is visible from the height. Ajmer city is settled around the lake called Ana sagar and the view of lake with twinkling water reflecting the sunrays and at night colorfull street lights and dark water shining through it and city around it is magical, be it day or night!

When we move from ajmer to Pushkar there is a very beautifull place on the way known as Prithvi Raj Smarak. In the evening light show is also organised here, which makes this location magical. I could not stop myself clicking pictures at this place, so I am sharing with you some of them!

More towards the Pushkar, we can see the glimpse of desert and soul of Rajasthan.

Its does not take much long to reach pushkar. There is soo much to see on the way that we are lost in everything and not much before we realise and we reach Pushkar. Pushkar is a village and it is a Hindu religious place, where we have Bramha Temple, there are only two Bramha temples in the world. One is in Combodia and the other one is in Pushkar. According to the mythology, God Bramha was cursed and due to which temple get shettered due to one or the other reason and only these places can have the temple survived. Sounds interesting right!!

Pushkar is also famous for it culture, handicraft market and colorfull people and now a days also due to beautiful exotic resorts.

The entire famous Pushkar market is on the way to the temple and you will be mesmerized by each and everything. Pushkar is also famous for its silver and junk jewellery. As soon as you enter the Pushkar you can feel the soul of this place. Let me show you some of my memorable Pushkar market pictures one by one!


These are the blocks used in traditional Rajasthani block printing. Well, you can use these blocks on your own way if you creative!


Traditional cusions and home decore shop.

3. Now this shop caught most of my attention and gave me goosebumps too! Want to know why!

Well all the statues you see in this shops are atually centuries old! These are found in escavations or unexpectedly found while digging the ground or whatever way, these are not the coppied version, these are actually real old things used by ancient people. I am telling you, you can find anything bloody thing in Pushkar market! Its heaven for creative people.

4. Traditional Shawls and also look at the details on the shop!

5. Traditional Marwari ( typical Rajasthani ) decore which they hang on both sides of the doors or windows.

6. Traditional handbags from Pushkar that we can also use as a part of home decor. Can you imagine, there is a beautiful temple inside this cave like shop!

7. Swards shops are common here. Isn’t it cool. It is because it is part of marwari culture.

8. Wooden handycraft are priceless ! See the details and variety.

9. Jewellay is also an unconditional part of Marwari ( Rajasthani Culture) as they believe in details.

Even in mirror they need details!

Everything here is soo colorfull.

10. Simple buildings have soo much details.

11. These are the miniature paintings. When we magnify these paintings we find infinite details. If you want to know more about this art, google it or watch it lively on youtube!

12. Bangles are very famous! Bangles here are made of special extract from special trees called lakh. colorful bangles with very vibrant desings juat catch the heart of any traditional jewellery lover.

I then visited the Bramha temple. This is the main entrance to the temple.

Inside the temple we have the main God Bramhaji in a beautiful decorated place where the main prayers are offered.

After we had visited the temple we went towards the Ghats. Pushkar is also settled around Pushkar lake which also has significant value in Hinduism. The banks of Pushkar lake are known as Ghats.

While on the way to sunset I visisted shiva cafe to have some coffee. Vibe in the cafe was noticeable.

My friend sipping coffee!

After having a little break I went to my favourite place in Pushkar since my teenage years. My favourite ghat is sunset ghat. It has Sunset hotel just infront of it and in the eveningvthe aura the surroundings, the vibes and the crowd is magnificent. We have a culture to play Nagara ( a musical instrument) at the time of prayer in the evenings. So Nagara is played, people who know other instruments they come along.

There is beautiful music aound. People who know other talents like juggling, hoolahop or dance they all join. There is peacefull lake view, amazing food from Sunset restoraunt.

Sunset cafe

View from the Sunset cafe.

I hope you loved my first travel blog. Many more to come. Next time I promise pictures will be better quality. And if you want to see this place with me then you can watch it on my youtube channel.


Thanks for comming along!

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Parnika Preet



  1. This is an amazing travelog. I also have to share my experience about Islamabad which is the most beautiful capital city of the world. That going to be my first travelog. πŸ˜‰
    Much love from neighboring country ❀

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