Review of Ryaal Vitmin C Serum

Hi guys! How you all are doing! Hope you all are enjoying to the fullest. I have been looking for a serum since a long time. When it comes to serum I am very particular, because I did not wanted to use any oil as a serum as sold by many brands. My concerns were pigmentaation, dry dull skin, acne prone and anti-ageing. I came across the serum Ryaal Vitmin C Seru on Amazon and I ordered it.

It has Vitmin C which is one of the best ingredient for the skin. Ryaal Vitmin C Seeum retails for about Rs 499 for 30 ml of product. It is light weight with runny consistency. It has minty fragrance which I did not find pleasant but it goes away after a minute. Well I do not mind the fragrance as I really liked its results. It comes in blue colored glass bottle with a golden cap and droper. Packaging is travel friendly.


Product Says:

My Expeeience:

I used Ryaal Vitmin C Serum religiously for a week and got amazing results. I wash my face and after tonning the skin I apply this swrum and over it I apply a good moisturizer. In the begning it seems to be oily but aftr 1 min when it gets absorbed, it is seamless and if needed you can use a moisturizer. My skin is dry so I used it. I actually noticed results in One use. Skin feels plump and healthy in the morning. Pigmentation, acne marks have noticeably reduced. It can also be used at day time. I am loving this serum.

You can order this serum from below link:

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Parnika Preet



    1. It you have cystic and acne prone skin, thwn you need to first patch test on the skin, because your skin might be more sensitive. I am working on pure ayurvedic facepacks Dm me on instagram will have word about it . Link to my profile is in the blogpost..

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