MOND’SUB Collagen Silk Mask|Review

Hello my lovelies! How you all are doing? Hope you all are doing great! Today I am excited to share my review on one of my favourite sheetmask. Now a days sheetmasks are everywhere! Everone is recomending their favourite sheetmask. As you all know by now that my skin is dry and I sometimes get pigmentation. And since I am in my twenties I would like to use some anti-ageing products as well.

I was sent this mask by the Mond’sub team. I tries this mask and really love this mask. I have been using the Faceshop and Innisfree sheetmasks, but now Mond’sub collagen mask is also one of my favourite. Click on the below link to buy this mask.

This mask comes in purple packaging. Love the fragrance of this mask. This mask weights 30g and retails for about Rs 200, however you can follow their page on instagram they always have some offers and deals going on so you can buy this mask at a very good price!

Products says:


How to use :

My Experience :

My skin was dry and pigmented and dry as I returned from my Rishikesh trip! Rishikesh is beautifull and I enjoyed alot rafting and camping there. But this made my skin acting up. So I used Mond’sub Collagen Anti-Wrinkle & Moisturizing Facial Sheetmask. This mask comes with a cover on it. First apply the sheetmask on the face adjust it over the face and then peel off the upper layer. I kept it for 25-30 mins as I was watching youtube and had nothing to do! Though they have advised to keep it for 15-20mins.

Skin becam soft as a baby’s bum. I felt my skin was tight, moisturised and hydrated at the sametime. When our skin is well moisturised and hydrated tan is also gets reduced. When the mask was on I could feel that it is working on my skin. My skin was glowing and feeling healthier. I am definately going to stock up on these masks. Anyone looking for facing issue with the skin like wrinkles, finelines, premature ageing, dry and dullness should definately try this mask. I am sure you will thank me later.

You can buy Mond’sub Collagen Anti-Wrinkle & Moisturizing Facial Sheetmask from the below link :

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