Glamisha Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Hello people.. Longtime no see! How you all hope you all are doing great!! I was little busy with work and life. But I am back and will now write regularly. I will create youtube videos also regularly. Do comment down below if you want review about any particular product. I will review for you guys.

So now lets begin! Today I am going to review Glamisha Shampoo and Conditioner. I have been using these products for about a month and loved using them. I have been looking for the shampoo and conditioner with sulphate and Paraben free. I found one! I can feel that Glamisha shampoo and coditioner is mild on scalp.

Product says:

Glamisha Shampoo:

It says that the shampoo is 100% Sulphate and Paraen free. It retails for about Rs 155 for 100ml of product. The fregrence is floral and kind of sweet.

Glamisha Conditioner :

It says it is 100% Paraben free. This product retails for about Rs 150 for 100 ml of product. It has fragrance of mild tea tree oil kind of. I hope you understood!

Ingredients :

Glamisha Shampoo:

Glamisha Conditioner:

My experience :

Glamisha Shampoo:

Shampoo is mild. Mix the shampoo with water and then apply it on wet hairs. Little goes a long way. Not too much is required. Shampoo is rinsed very easily. I feel that my hairs are less frizzy and managible. Though I have chemical straightning on my hairs but still I can feel that the hairs are less dry towrads the end.

Glamisha Conditioner:

The conditioner is also rinsed easily. I keep it for 3-4 mins as I am always in hurry. Still I can feel the difference the ends of hairs are less dry. Breakage is reduced.

Haifall is reduced by using these products. Breakage is also reduced. The price is also very friendly. If anyone is looking for Paraben and Sulphate free shampoo and Paraben conditiiner then do Glamisha shampoo and conditiiner a try and do let me know. Hope you found this review helpfull.

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Parnika Preet

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