Miniso Haul 2018

Hello guys!! Welcome back to my blog. There is lot of hype going for Miniso. I was so curious for this brand is about and why everyone is going crazy. I recently visisted Miniso in Noida City Center Wave mall and picked some of my favourite stuff. I was really hard to make choice their. But I made my heart bold nad picked the chosen ones!!

So I mostly picked the skincare from them. Though their products varies from skincare to makeup to housholds to utensils to handbags. You name it they have it. Apart from clothes they have everything.

Their products varies from Rs 150 to Rs 1000. Lets begin with the Haul!

I got their:

* Moisturizing Lotion

* Moisturizing Toner

* Citrus Beauty Spray

* Nourishing Toner

* From their Lavender Series:

Lavender Eye Cream

Lavender Essence for face

* Charcoal Facewash

* Rose Hydrating Essence Oil

* Perfume in Dating You

* Lip Crayon

Last but not the least:

* Makeup bag which is essential everywhere

* Makeup wipes

I hope you guys liked my Miniso haul. Will update you guys on the review of the skincare products. If you liked this post then pls hit the like and subscribe button to keep updated on what I post next!

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Parnika Preet



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