L’oreal Inoacolor Shampoo and Conditioner|Review

Hello everyone!! How you all are doing?.. Hope you all are doing amazing. I was MIA, but now I am back with a bang and will post regularly. Today I am going share my review on Inoacolor range shampoo and conditioner range. This range is recommended for people with colored hairs. I had my smoothing and Keratin treatement done and my hairstylist suggested me to use this range after the hair smoothning treatement. Packaging of the product is quite impressive. I really loved the packaging. Shampoo and Conditioner have floral kind of fragrance which is quite noticeable. Inoa Shampoo comes in tube packaging, which is great for travelling and conditioner in a tub. it is priced at Rs 1100 for 200ml and conditioner is priced at Rs 1200 for 169g.

Product says:

Inoa Shampoo

Inoa Shampoo infused with exclusive Anti-Fade system and advanced Hydra-Repair technology, INOA color care shampoo is a sulphate-free formula enriched with Green Tea and Argan oil which gently cleanses and revitalizes coloured hair with essential moisture. It gives long lasting color protection and makes the hair more manageable.

Inoa Conditioner:

Protective conditioning masque for color treated hair.

Ingredients :

Inoa Shampoo :

Sharing two pictures, so that you guys can read the ingredients list properly. Incase you want to know the ingredients list more clearly then you can comment down below, along with pictures I will write down the ingredients list.

Inoa Conditioner :

My experience:

This is good shampoo. Inoa Shampoo felt kind of mild. It does made hairs feel manageable and soft. Small amount was enough to get the right kind of leather. It was really easy to cleanse the Inoa Shampoo. I had permanent hair color highlights done, so I can not say much how much it keeps the color. Both Inoa Conditioner and Inoa Shampoo are Sulphate and Paraben free, that was also one of the reason I got this product. Conditioner was also quite moisturizing, my hair type is dry, so it was really moisturizing for me.

Over all both Shampoo and conditioner were good but there was no any change noticed. Over the period of time I experienced lot of hairfall, so I changed the shampoo and conditioner back to Lo’real Extenso. I would prefer Lo’real Extenso Over Inoa range. It is mentioned on the product that its Sulphate and paraben free but I am not impressed by this Inoa Range by Lo’real. If anyone have any doubt please feel free to comment down below.

And yea bdw! I make Ayurvedic Skincare products. Name of my Brand is Baniithanii, which means Monalisa of India if incase you are not aware about it. You can buy my products here .

Hope you all found my review helpful.

You can buy Inoa shampoo here

You can buy Inoa Conditioner here

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Parnika Preet

2 thoughts on “L’oreal Inoacolor Shampoo and Conditioner|Review

    1. Hey.. I would suggest to please use a shampoo that does not have any sulphate or paraben.. Because these damage the treated hairs.. You can go for Moroccon range.. It is pretty good.. If you are on budget you can also check Xtenso range, its shampoo, conditioner and serun all are good.. Also intake good diet and hair supplements and get hair spa every once or twice a month.. You hairs will remain healthy even after all these treatments.. Also checkout my online store. https://www.shop101.com/Baniithanii , I have started a skincare line under the guidance of 30 yrs experience Ayurvedic Doctor.


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