Faceshop Bamboo Sheetmask|Review

Hello everyone! Today I am going to share with you all my experience with Bamboo sheetmask by Faceshop. Winters is going to start soon and people with dry skin can actually feel it on their skin. My skin has started to get very dry these days, So tried Bamboo vraiant from Faceshop sheetmasks.

Bamboo sheetmask is good for dry skin, it has moisturizing properties. This mask retails for Rs 100. It has mild flowery citrisy kind of fragrance. I really like the fragrance it feels soothing and relaxing.

Product Says: It is revitalizing, hydrating sheetmask with Bamboo extract that moisturizes skin to revitalize the complexion. It has water type essence, formulated without 5 additives : Parabens, Triethanolamine, propylene glycol, tar colorant, mineral oil.

How to use:


My Experience:

I was feeling my skin to be very dry and unevenskintone. My skin also became rough. I was really feeling the need for sheetmasking. I kept this mask for 20 mins and applied the left over serum on my neck and arms. I always apply sheetmask at night. After keeping it for 20 mins I wash my face in the morning next day and keep the leftover serum overnight. I did feel noticeable different on my skin. I feel that skin became clear, moisturized and plump. I feel everyone with dry skin should try Bamboo sheetmask from Faceshop. Make sure from where ever you buy this mask, it should be genuine product and not a copy.

Hope you find this Review helpful. If you have any query, you guys can comment down below.

You guys can buy this mask from below link:


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