Nykaa Black Friday Haul

Hello everyone! Few days back I posted a story on Instagram about my Nyka Haul! so, guys finally I am sharing what all I got from them. So lets get started!!

I bought from Nykaa mainly Hair care and Skin care this time.

I got the Loreal Hair Spa cream and its liquid concentrate, which is amazing for a weeklu hairspa at home.

So these are the concentrate. I got them in variant Hydration and sensitive scalp.

I also got the Himalaya Protein Hair Cream and Anti Dandruff Hair Cream. I use them as conditioner. Soon be posting their review.

There is lot of Hype for Palmers Hairpack and other skin care and haircare products. So I got these from them. Lets see how these are going work for me.

Biotic is becoming my one of the most favourite brand in skin care and haircare. I love their Brangraj oil. This is my repurchase. I also got their Bio wheat cream for nightime skincare as its a night cream.

So these are just the basic products. Shower gel from Detol and one of my most favourite range Matrix again, no surprise! I got their conditioner.

I got Aroma Magic Brightening lotion. I really thought its a lotion, but it says you can mix it in a facepack, so little confused about this product. Thought reall hope that its a body oil.

And talking about body oil, I got bio oil. I have thought of using it as a body lotion just to maintain my skin and clear out some stretch marks.

I got this Ayur cold cream from J-Mart near my appartment. As soon as I saw it, it reminded me of my childhood. I used to use it as my face cream and body lotion back then. So again thought of giving it a try again as body butter 💁

This time I bought very less makeup. I just got Lakme CC cream from Natural range, Loreal True Match concealer and Insta Liner from Lakme. This is my third liner in a row, I just love it unconditionally.

I love glossy nails. I dont get time to visit saloon regularly, so I got the 3D top coat from Maybelline and their Party Diva collection nail color.

I never tried eye patch and my under skin really need TLC. So bought this Hio Hop eye patch. Also got the purecon lens liquid. I have used it in past also many times. Its decent, not that wow, but its good.

I hooe you guys liked my Nykaa Black Friday Haul.

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Parnika Preet

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