Skin Salad Onion Oil|Review

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Today I am sharing with you another interesting review with you guys. I have been using Skin Salad Onion Oil. I have been loving it. These days onion oil are my jam in hair care. I am sharing the one that I loved.

Skin Salad Onion Oil has coconut oil kind of consistency. It retails for about Rs 1299 for 100 ml of product. I keep it on for night and wash it off in the morning. It has very flowerish kind of fragrance. I started noticing the result after 2-3 use. It comes in a transparent container with pump head, which makes it very travel friendly and give very hastle free application.

Product says:

Skin Salad Onion Oil is very effective in hair growth as it has Real Red onion Extract which helps to fight infection of the scalp and nourishes the hair roots of scalp and promotes hair growth. It is a complete hair treatment for hairfall , anti-dandruff, receding hairline, adds lustre to the dull and lifeless hair by deep nourishing.


Onion Oil, Argan Oil, henna Oil, Castor Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Bhringraj and Vitamin E and 11 herbs

This list looks very tempting, coz all these ingrdients are miracle for any of the hair problem.

My Experience:

Recently I was facing lot of hairfall, dandruff, itchy scalp and greasy hair roots. I used this oil 2-3 times a week for over a night and washed in the morning. It worked wonder on my hairs. I also tried putting onion juice on my scalp, but that smelled so bad that I could not apply it again, but Skin Salad Onion Oil solved my problem. Trust me it smells great and plus you literally feel that the oil is working on the scalp. Guys and girls anybody can use it. Its on great discount on right now, so I highly recommend to try it. It very light weight, so it is very easy to remove with just a single wash.

You can buy Skin Salad Onion Oil here .

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